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Products and Services

KAPhotoservice is a web based photo product order application with an integrated e-commerce module consisting of shopping cart, credit card processing and order fulfillment. It can be configured as

  • A Photoservice, such as Kodak Gallery or Snapfish, for use by Photo Labs that allows.
    • Any user to register, create private albums, upload photos, share albums and order photo products for his / her photos from the lab.
    • Any professional photographers to register with the lab and create custom priced albums. The pro photographer can mail links of these albums to his / her clients and invite them to purchase photoproducts. Orders placed by the pro photographer's clients are serviced by the Photo Lab and billed using prices specified by the professional photographer.
  • A Print Order System for use by Wedding, Sports, Fashion and other event Photographers. In this configuration only the photographer can create albums and upload pictures into them. Clients can only peruse the albums and order prints or digital files. Product / price combinations can be varied with each album.
  • An Online Photogallery for professional photographers who wish to sell digital stock photos. This is essentially a Print Order System that allows you to price prints and digital files individually depending on the quality of the photograph.

You can either purchase the application with full source code and install it on your own server or rent a customized installation of the product on our server - The former suites technically adept photographers or Photo Labs. The latter option is recommended for photographers who wish to focus on their business.

Our USPs

The following are some facts that you can easily verify

  • Our solution is the most versatile. We give you independent sites with FTP access. You can point your own domain to our server. Most of our clients host not just their print order service on our server but their entire site, without any additional costs. You can customize layouts, graphics and use your own stylesheet based skin. Please see the links to our client sites on the demo page.
  • We readily provide you the source code for our product.
  • Our Print Order Service solution for pro photographers, at $10 / month is the most competitively priced solution considering that we offer 2GB of free diskspace. There are no hidden costs.
  • Our service is the best. However, don't take our word on it - verify it from our clients.

Support and Customization

Our clients are welcome to call us any time on any day. Usually you will get to talk immediately to our development staff. If none is available, leave us a message and we will get back to you. We are forthcoming, quick and competitive in meeting any customization requests that you may have. Also we understand you will be printing a lot however we do not offer printer or ink refill services. We can however refer you to reputable companies offering ink cartridge refill services.

Improved Image Cropping in Photo Editor
Improved the image cropping interface of the photo editor. The application now enforces the existing aspect ratio of the photograph while the user is designating the crop area.
Introduced Express Proof Orders
Single step processing of large proofing orders. You select the proof size, visually choose the files to be uploaded and click on the upload button. The application will do the rest.
Introduced Album Specific Product / Pricing
You can now easily customize the photo products that can be ordered for an album as well as their pricing.
Introduced lightboxes for selling multiple photo products.
You can now offer clients products such as Photo Videos, Calendars and Archive CDs. Wedding, sports and event photographers can increase revenues through simple value addition that conforms to current trends towards digital storage and viewing of photos.
Introduced Membership Module
In order to improve the loyalty of your clients you can now offer them paid membership for 6 or 12 months. Paid members get a discount on each order that they place within the membership period.
Embedded Visual Bulk Photo Upload
We have now embedded Java and ActiveX components in the photo upload page to make it still easier for users to upload photos.

Security conscious users retain the option to download the KAPhotoUpload stand alone application for their bulk uploads.

Spanish Language Support
Spanish language support is now available out of the box. Additional languages can now be supported on request.
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